Wednesday, February 27, 2008

From Mom

I appreciate everyone's concern but I feel like it is time to eliminate the blog. Things are going well and I am glad to be home. The rest of the healing process will take time.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Today she saw Her own Doctor

Dr's visit went OK today. Some of her meds were changed but all in all she was doing well. mom then made an appointment for a cardiologist on March 12 Th. He will See what can be done to get her heart rhythm back. Then she went and got fitted for her new hearing aids. Her hearing is better in her left ear but her brain doesn't comprehend as well for the left ear. The new ones should take a week to ten days to come in. Lunch at Pietros, then back home.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

I didn't get a chance to make an entry last night, but...

Theresa, Jenna and I ate dinner with Mom and enjoyed her company into the evening.

I hung around until Dad and Ernie arrived around 8:30 PM. We unloaded all the stuff into their apartment so they are officially home!

Dad attended church this morning and we all went over to visit Mom afterwards, she was able to receive Communion then.
They really were pleased with ALL the help the received from their friends (Many of them), family (sisters and brother, and IN-laws) and of course all of us children.
Great job to you all.

Dad is home

Dad and Ernie drove straight through and got home about 8 last night. I just briefly talked to dad he was on his way to church.

Saturday, February 23, 2008 more snow

Mom had great night she slept soundly in her own bed. I brought my grandson Cameron over there today. She let him play with her vintage mid twentieth century toys. He liked the Tonka truck (still with its original door stickers). A turkey sandwich was for lunch with some leftover angel food cake from Sister last night.Dad and Ernie are now on their way back home. After packing up the car last night they used mom's birthday present from john and had a nice meal. We hope the weather will not be bad for them on their way home. Mom said they had a toothpick holder that they could not get in the car so they will just have to leave it behind. Cindy and Peggy are at Shaws Garden today for a Cake display show this weekend. Mom thought about going but decided it is still to soon. Tony Sam and Rachel are visiting now and Andy will go over later today. She put her keys in her pocket so she won't get locked out of anywhere. The jumble was giving her fits today...coudn't fit the U into the word. Thanks to all who have called and checked up on her. She still can not hear well on the phone so speek loudly if you call....More to come. Vince

Friday Afternoon Security

Visitied Mom this afternoon, she looks great! Thanks to everyone for their help during visits to Florida. Mom completed the Jumble today. Vince had gone shopping. Sister Rabecca was locked in the basement, after maintenance crews closed the door. Mom heard Sister and asked Dessie to open the door. Later Dessie was throwing snow balls at Mom's apartment as she was locked outside, Vince opened the door. Sister Rabecca made Cheese broccoli potato soup - Yum. Dad and Ernie ate at the Columbia to celebrate Mom's birthday, they are driving home Saturday morning.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Wintery Morning

Talked to Mom and Vince this morning. Mom sounded a little congested...but she said once she fell asleep last night she slept well. She was taking her time getting up this morning. She is glad to be home again. Vince came this morning and brought her her coffee and breakfast. He is going to go shopping for her soon. She made a list of things she needed at the store. Sr. Rebecca is going to be making dinner for Mom tonight (she is Mom's friend upstairs).

Happy to be home

Steve and I got Mom home and settled about midnight. She is so happy to be home. I will go shopping for her today no need for her to be out in the ice and snow.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

She's in St. Louis!

Mom is in St. Louis. Just talked to Vince. They picked her up and are getting ready to drive her home. Thanks for all of the prayers!

Mom has left Florida

Mom's plane left at 9:05 PM; only 10 minutes behind schedule despite having already taken off from Lambert Field twice through todays storm. Vince and Steve are meeting Mom when she arrives in St Louis around 10:20 PM CST.

Mom was in good spirits all day. We spent awhile down by the pool where many friends came by to say goodbye. We had a great dinner at Cody's on our way to the airport. Dad and I will pack up tomorrow and return on Saturday.

Last Day at the Beach

Mom walked out to the beach this morning, for the first time this year. It is warm and humid here. We woke early today because the blood nurse came before 9AM.

I'm keeping an eye on the USA3000 website. Mom's plane left St Louis on time at 6AM this morning en route to Puerto Rico (or Dominican Rep.?) Anyway, it left there on time and is expected in St Louis ahead of schedule.

She's coming home

Mom is coming home today. The weather is yucky...but she is still coming unless the flight is cancelled. Dad and Ernie will be with her until she gets on the plane in Clearwater...and she is being picked up in St. Louis by Vince and Steve. Her plane gets in at I'm sure she will be tired. Please pray that all goes well on her journey home.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another Easy Morning

Mom is doing well this morning. She is excited about getting ready for home. Returning to her own doctor will help her to reach stability regarding her medication. It seems likely that this will be adjusted by Dr Compton. Mom has never taken daily medication and now she will need to take a handful of pills for the foreseeable future.

Mom made eggs for breakfast today as we are cleaning out the refrigerator now. No dolphins yet this morning although the sea has calmed. The pool temperature is finally up above 80 degrees.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Getting Ready for Home

Dad took Mom to the beauty parlor this morning. We also had gone over to watch the Phillies training camp. The doctor called to tell Mom to take no coumdin today nor tomorrow and only 1mg until she sees Dr Compton on Monday.

It's too cool and windy for the pool today.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Tai Chi Morning

Very strong winds this morning. We all did Tai Chi while waiting for the nurse to draw blood. (I had been wrong about this nurse being finished with Mom.) She said that the doctor would receive the readings this afternoon. Mom's pulse has been right around 70 every day for the past week.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

Lynne and George arrived last night after a long flight. We had been out to dinner and stayed up pretty late last night.

This morning was the last Mass at St Jeromes for us this year. Mom made hambugers for lunch. A long afternoon at the pool and beach (Mom worked the jumble by the pool). George and Dad are now barbequing down by the pool.

We'll be finished early so we can be ready for the Big Show tonight at 8PM EST.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fun time last night

We went ot the pier last night to listen to the Island Boys and enjoy the activity along the beach there. We ate our seafood at Crabby bills then watched an amazingly colorful sunset on the public beach. Dick and Ruth came by later to play cards. Mom won both games of 99.

Another lovely day at the beach today. Mom has begun to organize things for her return on Thursday. She is planning our remaining meals around what is in the fridge.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Just All Right

The weather is calm and perfect today. Mom made some great dinner last night. Today she was relaxing by the renovated pool, she has been cleared for the hot tub but she is not going in.

Tonight we're going up to the pier for some live music, then dinner at Crabby Bills. Mom doesn't want to just sit around.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Sunny and Cool

We had seafood for dinner last evening at Backwater across the street. Everything is normal today. The storms blew past last night so it's nice today. No news is good news.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Pool is OPEN

There was beautiful bright sunshine after lunch so we went down to the pool. Dad and I went in the hot tub, but the pool is too cold yet. Around 2:30 PM a line of dark clouds came shooting off of the gulf bringing cold rain. The new tiles are nice looking.

Last nurse visit in Florida

The RN came today to check on Mom. Julie has kept a close eye on Mom's situation so we will miss her being on the case. Everything looks good with Mom right now.

The pool may open today. The work is finished, but it's raining this morning. I'm not sure when it the first person will use the pool or hot tub.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Normal Day

Not much to report today. Humid and mid-70's; plenty of wildlife action on the beach including dolphins. Mom did all her exercises right after breakfast. Then we did some shopping for minor stuff. It is raining hard right now so no pool time today.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Good news from the Doctor

The doctor said that Mom's heart is now beating in rhythm. Her blood pressure was a little high though. The doctor kept Mom on the same drugs she had been taking. Her next doctors appointment is with Dr Compton in St Louis on the Monday after she returns.

Another lovely day

We stayed up late last night playing dominoes with Dick and Ruth. We had been at the pool earlier, then Mom made a delicious pork cutlet dinner.

This mornng Mom's pulse is 70. The nurse is coming early to take Mom's blood, they claim. Then Mom has her doctors appointment for later. I'll give a complete report this afternoon. Mom now reads the ads and the events part of the paper every day. So she can suggest activities of interest.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Medical Update

To answer some questions about Mom's medication; her Digoxin was reduced by half starting yesterday, this morning her pulse was 74. She is back to a full dose of Coumadin since Friday. They didn't tell us the actual reading, they just told Mom to continue with the full dose as planned, because she is now finished wth the antibiotic.

It is sunny and lovely outside today so we may go to the pool after lunch. Real progress has been made on the pool downstairs; it may be ready by next weekend.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Shopping Day

Mom is back to planning the meals. She had cut out the coupons so we got some bargains at the Orange Blossom. Then we found some more good deals at Publix. After lunch we're not going to the pool. Overcast and 70̊, Dad said it's not a pool day. I think that Mom is more relaxed now that she has a definite return date.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Mom's Homeward Plans

Mom has booked her flight home for Thursday evening February 21. Dad and I will drive back, so Mom will need some help getting home from the airport. We still have two weeks to make any arrangements.

The nurse and the doctor each called to make sure Mom was taking the correct dosages of some medications (she was). Mom is watching over her own needs. She does her exercises without prompting and reminds Dad about the medicine on schedule.

We had a nice visit by Rocky and Martha this morning. We all went to lunch at Post Corner Pizza and then Dad drove us around to see the sights of Clearwater.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Quiet Evening

Not much to report. We saw many dolphins today, but "not close enough' Mom said. Rocky Pusateri is coming by to visit tomorrow. Stay tuned as other activities may follow.

Sunny morning

Mom's check up was very positive. Mom passed every test from the therapist who is not scheduled to return. The nurse's exam was thorough. Mom's pulse was down to 52 so the nurse taught Dad and I to take Mom's pulse before she takes Digoxin (she won't take it if it's under 60). So maybe the doctor will stop that medication when she sees her next Monday. Mom also had blood drawn today.

Mom has been sleeping well, cooking meals and doing the jumble every day. Her hearing is still a big problem, there are some things that she just can't hear.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Active Day Tomorrow

The nurse is coming to check Mom out tomorrow morning. The ocupational therapist is also scheduled, as is the blood test. So it will be medical check up time for Mom. We will see how she is advancing. Mom did all her exercises this afternoon.

We didn't go to the pool today, but took care of chores instead. Mom made dinner again and she and I played gin rummy later.

Ash Wednesday

After an easy breakfast we all went to St Jeromes to get our ashes. Afterwards we drove to the American Legion for a fish dinner. We discovered that the dining is now Crabby's Bayside. It wasn't yet their full menu, but it was still a nice lunch. Mom said that she couldn't hear anything in church.

The doctor has reduced the coumadin by half until she finishes the antibiotic. The physical therapist called while we were out. We didn't know that Mom had any more therapy coming, the therapist will be coming tomorrow morning. The weather is sunny and breezy today so the porch is open.
This picture was taken on Monday afternoon. Doesn't that smile look great!
Peace, Annette

Home Again

Hello is 12:36 am CST as I begin this blog... my flight was a little late getting in because of the weather, the plane took a detour over New Orleans...Happy Marte Gras, too bad we didn't make the stop there!
I haven't gotten a chance to catch up on reading the blog...I'll just say from my perspective Mom is very much like her ole self. She has been much more light hearted the last few days, taking her challenges in stride. Ernie is into the Florida mode, and will be able to take over with ease. He did make the coffee for breakfast and encouraged Mom and Dad to go to the store, so Mom could get out and about, and that worked great.
I was beginning to think that Dolphins were a myth, similar to the Loch Ness, I had been there 8 days with none in sight. Mom was so determined to make sure that I saw one that she sat on the balcony with the binoculars until some were sighted. She once again acommplished her goal, taking care of me. She also wanted to make sure I would go away with a full belly, so she cooked dinner completely on her own. This is the first time. Not only that, it was delicous! I gave her lots of hugs, and had a hard time saying goodbye. Dad wanted his hug, too.
I know that she is very touched to be prayed for by so many and has enjoyed the cards and calls and gifts.
Thanks for your prayers for me. I had a easy time in Florida and had a nice stay with Ruth and Dick who hosted me overnights. Mom made a tremendous impovement during my stay, and I enjoyed being there.
We can rest easy as Ernie takes over. He is already in the flow, and I think Florida is agreeing with them all as the weather has gotten better.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Tuesday evening

The doctors office just wanted to know how long Mom would be on the antibiotics. Her next blood test is for Thursday, which is also her last day on the antibiotics.

Mom and Dad came back from the pool in time to cook the chuck roast dinner for Annette's send off. Mom did it all and it was really delicious. Mom has learned to make adjustments when she isn't hearing well, so she turned up the TV this evening and actually watched an entire classic movie. I think her old spark is returning.

Super Tuesday morning

Mom slept well last night. Another warm day at the beach. Mom made juice as is her habit. Mom did her strenghtening exercises unaided. Later in the morning we went to Publix where Mom found the right ingredients for the meals we have planned. I think she is begining to get the rhythm of her beach routine. Mom and Dad went down to the pool for the afternoon.

We are still waiting for the doctor to call about the blood test.

Monday, February 4, 2008

A relaxed evening

After the nurse came, we had an easy lunch on the porch. Then Mom sat by the pool for 2 hours. She was hearing better today, so she just continued conversing with friends. We had dinner at Post Corner Pizza where Mom displayed a hearty appetite. Then cards at the condo before bed.

I think that Mom is learning to cope with her situation. She really takes a lot of medication now. The coumadin results will come in tomorrow, she hasn't taken one since Friday because her last blood test was so thin.

Annette leaves tomorrow afternoon, she has helped me to get adjusted here.

Morning at the Beach

Thanks to Skip and Janet we had eggs cooked by Annette. Mom made delicious fresh squeezed juice this morning. Annette says that this is the warmest it has been. Mom was able to view the blog for the first time while sitting out on the porch. We are searching for "Mom's friends", the dolphins and waiting for the blood test taker. Everything is going good right now.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl Party

Visited at the pool for an hour in the beautiful Florida sunshine. Then resting up for the Super Bowl Party upstairs at Mary and Charlies. Mom enjoyed visiting with everyone and showing her pictures from last year. Dad picked up Ernie from the airport during halftime.

I think Mom is doing great tonight. Thanks for all the prayers and cards.

by Ernie and Annette

Super Sunday

Everything is going smoothly in Florida today. Mom made breakfast this morning...then went to church...then made hamburgers for lunch. They are taking a little break right now watching the ocean...looking for dolphins. Later they will be going to a Super Bowl party. Sounds like Mom is feeling good. Not much to report.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

HOT card playing tonight

Mom had a good day today. Annette said that she has improved every day that she has been there. They sat by the pool for about an hour, then went back and ate Annette's chili. After dinner Dick and Ruth came up for a couple of rounds of "99". (That's a card game that Mom enjoys playing.) Sounds like they had a good time playing.
Tomorrow they are going to mass in the morning...then on to the annual Super Bowl party at Mary and Charlie's. That will be a full day.
Tomorrow Ernie is going to Florida. He should be getting there during the Super Bowl. Mom and Dad are both looking forward to him coming. He will be staying until Mom and Dad come home. Annette is leaving on Tuesday night.
The next doctor appointment isn't until Feb. 11. But the nurse should be there to take her blood on Monday.

Morning update

Talked to Annette. Mom slept well again last night. They all went to the grocery store this morning. Mom pushed the cart. They also went to the Orange Blossom to get their oranges. Mom hasn't been able to make the OJ for a few days because they were out of oranges. She was doing her jumble when I was talking to Annette.
She said they may go down to the pool this afternoon. Then Paul is coming up this evening and Net is making Chili for everyone. They will probably play dominoes this evening with Paul. Sounded like a relaxing Florida day (except for the grocery shopping of course).

Friday, February 1, 2008

A little alone time

Mom and Dad are having a little time by themselves this evening. The two love birds. Sounds like they had a nice time looking at the house in Madeira Beach. Annette said that Mom enjoyed herself. She also said that Mom was wanting to do some cleaning today. She folded the laundry and put it away, cleaned the bathroom mirror, and cleaned out the microwave. She also cooked most of their dinner. Annette said that she was there...but Mom did most of the work. That is great! I think that it helps her feel less unproductive to get back to some of her own tasks again.
Annette wasn't sure of the INR reading...but it must have been high because they said she couldn't take another Coumadin until Monday. The nurse will be back to check her blood Monday. Please pray that they can find the right amount of Coumadin for her soon.

out on the town

The crew is headed to Madeira Beach this morning. They were on their way when I just spoke with Dad. They are going to have lunch and then check out a house that Paul is wanting to bid on that is 5000 sq feet on the water. They haven't heard the results of yesterday's blood test yet. I'll let you know when I hear. Mom had a great night sleep last night! Sounds like they are all glad to be out and about today.