Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update-from Mary Lyn

Hey everyone,

I was at the hospital this morning and saw Mom. She is still breathing heavy...but breathing better than she was when she went in yesterday. She was diagnosed with a staph infection during her last stay at the when you visit you need to wear a gown...but otherwise she is okay to have healthy visitors. Her blood pressure and heart rate have been good...though they are monitoring her heart with a monitor. Her number of liters of oxygen is higher than what she has been on. It was a "1" she is at a "2.5". The oxygen increase does seem to be helping. They did a chest x-ray this morning and the doctor hadn't come in when I left to give the results of that.

Think that is all I know. Love you all!


Mom back in the hospital

Hey Y'all,
I'm writing from South Carolina with updates about Mom in St Louis. Mary said that she has a MRSA Staph infection. They think she has pneumonia. The doctor had not been in to see her yet, so she did not have any other info. Her Oxygen level seems to be low despite being on Oxygen. If you come to visit Mom you have to wear a medical gown so that you do not bring the infection to others. To learn more about this kind of Staph infection check out this site.
We are praying for her here. Father offered Mass this morning for her, and we are all asking everyone we know to pray here.
Love you,
Tina :)
keep us out of towners posted! :)